A New Opportunity for your Patients:
cryopreservation of adipose tissue, stem cells... or both!

Genesis Biosystems has partnered with Cryo-Save, Europe’s leading stem cell bank, to offer the Cryo-Lip™ service, an opportunity for patients to store either their own adipose tissue from liposuction or their own stem cells from adipose tissue for current or future use.
In practice this means we collect fatty tissue, transport it to our highly specialized laboratory, process and cryopreserve a rich mixture of adipose cells, mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) and other progenitor cells. We can cryopreserve the tissue for years, or you may have it released back for clinical reinjection upon request.

Genesis Biosystems announces the release of the CryoLip Stem Cell Preservation service. See it in action.

"I have no doubt that adipose-derived stem cells will play an important role in the future of both regenerative medicine and cosmetic surgery"

Dr Jorge Planas,
Barcelona, Spain